Counter Union Campaigns

Win Your Quickie Election!


Even with the NLRB’s pro-union Quickie Election rule change, we can help you win your election. Our clients have prevailed in campaigns as short as 14 days from when we began our assistance.

We can help you quickly convince your employees to vote against the union, because it is a bad thing for them.


Union Avoidance

Avert a union, avoid a disaster.

Trust the Union Avoidance Consultants with a 95% Success Rate

Don’t ignore the early warning signs of union organizing: huddles that disperse when a manager approaches, increased use of union terminology, new worker alliances, increased complaining, and more. When addressed early, organizing is avoidable. After all, you can’t lose a union election that doesn’t happen. …MORE


Withstand the worst union tactics.

Corporate campaigns are little more than extortion. In essence, the union is attempting to coerce you into accepting their terms. The key is being able to withstand the onslaught. That’s where our experts come in. …MORE

Counter Card Signing Campaign

Use card signing to your advantage.

When you first begin to realize your employees are organizing, you need to be prepared. This means sharing the right kind of information with them. Our counter card signing expertise helps your employees understand what cards look like, what they mean and, most of all, the potential consequences of signing one. …MORE


Win your strike with preparation and communication.

Strikes are the most destructive and divisive elements of labor relations. However, most are avoidable. The key is to never allow a strike to happen that you’re not capable of winning. This is where strike management comes in. …MORE


Execute a winning plan.

It’s easy for employers to feel outgunned by outside third parties. Instead of “Ready, Fire, Aim!,” effective crisis communication requires a disciplined, strategic approach.  …MORE