Workplace Issue Assessment

Know precisely where you stand.

Because workers are the heart of any organization, being able to accurately gauge their perceptions is the necessary first and recurring step in keeping unions at bay. Our consultants get to the heart of the matter with a clear and forthright report. By knowing the truth, you can take action and move forward far more effectively. …MORE


Convince your employees to stay union-free.

At ANHS, we know unions. We know why employees turn to unions, how unions organize employees, and how to minimize the threat of union interference. We also know how to help you avoid unions all together: by maintaining a positive relationship with your employees. We call it The Union-Free Privilege®. …MORE


Equip your managers with the skills they need.

When managers are ineffective, organizations become vulnerable to union organizing. At ANHS our union avoidance management consultants have developed a program to build up every level of management, from your supervisors to your executives. This includes our Leadership Effectiveness Analysis, which helps your managers identify and leverage their strengths. …MORE


Accurately gauge employee perceptions.

Accurate measurement and assessment of employee perceptions is crucial to avoiding union organization. To get there, ANHS offers VIEWPOINT®. This multi-faceted survey instrument gathers and analyzes vital internal (employee) and external (customer, vendor, community, etc.) attitudes and perceptions. …MORE


Give everyone a chance to participate.

When everyone in the company participates, everyone wins. At ANHS, our Powersharing® programs instruct a cross-sectional team of employees in problem-solving techniques, group dynamics, and skills that can make your organization more profitable and efficient. We also design Management Education & Development programs to prepare managers to facilitate employee task forces. …MORE


Eliminate the pain that goes with change.

Change is never easy. Fortunately, our experts have moved, closed, and opened sites for clients in numerous industries. We’ve guided the mergers, the relocations, and the acquisitions. The bottom line? Change requires a strategic approach. Our experience will assist you with site selection, acquisition audits, and effective communications programs. …MORE