Union Avoidance

Avert a union, avoid a disaster.

Trust the Union Avoidance Consultants with a 95% Success Rate

Don’t ignore the early warning signs of union organizing: huddles that disperse when a manager approaches, increased use of union terminology, new worker alliances, increased complaining, and more. When addressed early, organizing is avoidable. After all, you can’t lose a union election that doesn’t happen.

The NLRB’s recently implemented quickie election rule has many repercussions for employers. The biggest being that the “quickie elections” leave little to no time for strong, effective anti union campaigns. This makes proceedings more difficult during an already trying time. It is extremely important to stay ahead of the tide in order protect your Union-Free Privilege®. Early intervention and maintaining a positive relationship with your employees from the beginning is key.

A union organizing campaign can be an incredibly divisive and destructive experience for your organization or business. When addressed early, organizing is avoidable. After all, you can’t lose a union election that doesn’t happen.

Your employees have a right to unionize, but you also have a right to educate them about potential dangers and negative effects of labor union representation. In the end, you’re not the only victim of a labor relations conflict. Your employees are, too. Often, it’s your efforts that can protect them from unwittingly putting everything on the line. We will work to guide you in the best ways to educate your employees about the dangers and problems of unionization and address underlying issues in your workplace.

Our team at Adams, Nash, Haskell & Sheridan will work with management to help your organization achieve the best possible outcome. We can provide a strategic response to labor union organization efforts, ensuring your work place stays union free and your business or organization is protected.

With 30 years of experience as union avoidance consultants, we know what it takes to avert a disaster for your business.


Are you feeling vulnerable?

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What Steps Can You Take To Protect Your Business from Unionization?

Preserve your lines of communication

Open communication between employer, employees is crucial for maintaining a healthy working environment. You need to emphasize to employees from the beginning that a third party is never necessary when there is a problem. Share your views of unionization and communicate the repercussions of a union at the start of employment, so that there is no misunderstanding down the line.

Preserve your supervisor’s roles

Empower those in authority to deal with problems quickly and efficiently. Once again, communication is critical here, and your first line of defense is managers’ handling of employee concerns. If you let employees’ voices go unheard at the office level, you run the risk of problems festering and spiraling out of control. In these cases, they go to a third party for help, and you have a union on your hands.

Preserve your employees’ trust

Fewer problems arise when employees have faith and trust in their organizational superiors. Make the environment an overall great place to work, and employees will share in that excitement. Consider offering benefits like vacation time, compensation packages, and tuition reimbursement, and be sure to communicate the value of these offers.

It is also helpful for the entire company to nourish a sense of community and make everyone feel they’re on the same team. If employees have trust and a connection to the team, they are less likely to feel unhappy and seek out a third party.

Even with taking these steps, employees might still erroneously think a union is a viable solution to their issues. With 30 years of experience as union avoidance consultants, we know what it takes to avert a disaster for your business.


Avoid a 32% Increase in Your Labor Costs with ANHS’ Union Avoidance Training Services

When you start to notice the early warning signs of union organization, it’s too late. Employees see no way to address their issues beyond inviting outside help to disrupt your business. Often the easiest way to solve a problem is to avoid it entirely, and avoiding a union is no different.

Learn how to create an environment at your business where your employees will feel no need to seek outside representation with our union avoidance training.


Equip your managers with the skills they need.

When managers are ineffective, organizations become vulnerable to union organizing. At ANHS, our union avoidance management consultants have developed a program to build up every level of management, from your supervisors to your executives. This includes our Leadership Effectiveness Analysis, which helps your managers identify and leverage their strengths.

Whether you choose one-on-one mentoring, group training, or The Union-Free Privilege® Academy, our union avoidance management consultants tailor seminars and workshops to meet the specific needs of your organization. The result is a more capable management team and a more effective workforce.


Convince your employees to stay union-free.

At ANHS, we know unions. We know why employees turn to unions, how unions organize employees, and how to minimize the threat of union interference. We also know how to help you avoid unions all together: by maintaining a positive relationship with your employees. We call it The Union-Free Privilege®.

With centuries of combined labor relations experience, our consultants equip you with the knowledge you need. Benefit from our Employee Relations Assessment, or choose our exclusive VIEWPOINT® Survey, which features a database compiled over nearly four decades.

You can also participate in Management Education & Development, or draw together your whole organization with our Powersharing® programs. With ANHS, we make sure you stay union-free.

Learn more about the Union Free Privilege Academy Here.