Accurately gauge employee perceptions.

Accurate measurement and assessment of employee perceptions is crucial to avoiding union organization. To get there, ANHS offers VIEWPOINT®. This multi-faceted survey instrument gathers and analyzes vital internal (employee) and external (customer, vendor, community, etc.) attitudes and perceptions.

VIEWPOINT® is much more than a statistical snapshot of your company. With data collected from a broad range of service industries since its development in 1975, VIEWPOINT® is the largest database of its kind in North America. This means you can compare your organization with national norms. Notable VIEWPOINT® features include:

-An Employee Alienation Index, which predicts employee dysfunction, such as turnover, regulatory agency involvement, and union organizing.

-One-on-one interviews with select personnel.

-Assessments that guide your organization’s change efforts.

-A Perceived/Preferred Values questionnaire assessing management and employee perceptions.