Obama’s Last Ditch Effort to Save Unions from Extinction

Once again the labor unions posted pitiful membership numbers for 2013…6.7% of the private sector workforce was unionized last year. While up from 6.6% in 2012,  (the lowest number of all time), recent numbers foretell a decline headed toward extinction for organized labor.  Many organizational leaders may be looking to a union avoidance consultant for advice.

Much has been written and predicted in the last few weeks about the imposition of new or reinvigorated federal intervention into the world of union organizing. Some of the agenda…

  • While the Obama administration chose not to appeal their “loser” poster requirement, they haven’t abandoned the quickie election. (The Board’s rescission of its appeal of the DC Circuit’s decision invalidating their change in representation case rules only clears the deck for the new NLRB majority to revisit the changes in the exact same manner. The only issue before the court was whether or not the Board had a quorum at the time they changed the rules.)
  • Changes to the Landrum Griffin reporting requirements, if implemented, would serve as a deterrent for importers to find competent legal representation. The changes would collide with the attorney-client privilege.
  • Broader application of the Specialty Healthcare decision, which allows unions to carve out and file representation petitions in small previously inappropriate units. This makes it easy for them to organize.
  • The perennial challenge to the definition of a supervisor is alive and well. The Board wants to raise the bar, which would make it more difficult for employers to claim, for example, that lead people and charge nurses are supervisors under Section 2(11) of the NLRA.

All of these changes are designed to improve a union’s chances of gaining new members. Given the defiant tone of the President’s speech last night, it is easy to imagine him giving early and strong marching orders to the one government agency whose mission is to assist his biggest constituent…organized labor.

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