Meet Suzanne, CEO In Need Of Union Consultants

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Here is a sample “persona” of the types of clients that Adams, Nash, Haskell & Sheridan specializes in helping.  This client “persona” is also meant to illustrate different types of labor relations issues that the firm is experienced in handling.

Meet Suzanne

  • Age 53.
  • Suzanne is CEO of an aircraft manufacturing company.
  • She resides in a wealthy western suburb of Chicago, IL.
  • Suzanne is married with children in college.

Suzanne’s Attributes

  • Suzanne is the first non-family member executive in a company now in it’s third generation of leadership.
  • She is politically conservative.
  • Suzanne holds a post-graduate degree.

Suzanne’s Goals

She would like to leave a legacy from her leadership at the company and to retire comfortably at her cottage in Door County.

Suzanne is the CEO of a helicopter parts and accessories manufacturing company outside of Chicago, Illinois. Growing up as the daughter of a retired US Navy pilot, Suzanne was instilled with a love for adventure and flying. Although she had great pride in her father’s career and respect for those living in military service, she chose not to join. She did, however, earn a private pilot’s license and had logged over 1,000 hours as pilot in command by her thirties.

Suzanne holds undergraduate (Bachelor of Aviation) and post-graduate degrees (Masters in Business Administration) from the University of Illinois.

She was hired into sales over 25 years ago by the second-generation of this family-owned company, and she quickly found her loyalty lie in the aircraft industry. Suzanne has worked hard from day one. She had hands-on experience as the company’s government contracts grew, and steadily rose through levels of management. She became CEO and President in 2010, complete with her own helicopter as a company gift.

Suzanne’s predecessor kept the staff on his side through personal, well-written memos, and occasional perks that he would throw the employees’ way. He had grown soft in his later years, and the company was barely breaking even when he stepped down. When Suzanne stepped in as CEO, she had a reputation for being a no-holds-barred tough customer. The recent economic downturn mixed with a perilous balance sheet is driving her to make hard decisions about benefits and working conditions.

Suzanne smells trouble; she knows what she is up against. She has to navigate a setting where half of the management team are friends and family of the employees, so the lines of alliances are fuzzy. In an effort to find some common ground, Suzanne has decided to seek a second opinion from a third party.

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