Meet Art and Julia, Business Owners in Need of Union Avoidance Consultants

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Here is a sample “persona” of the types of clients that Adams, Nash, Haskell & Sheridan specializes in helping.  This client “persona” is also meant to illustrate different types of labor relations issues that the firm is experienced in handling.

Meet Art and Julia

  • Art is age 40, and Julia is age 46.
  • They are a husband and wife team who own a hotel.
  • They reside in in Tampa, Florida and have four small children.

 Art and Julia’s Attributes

  •  Art and Julia are successful, boastful, and uptight.
  • They are both politically conservative.
  • They are financially comfortable.
  • They collect automobiles.

Art and Julia’s Goals

The couple is looking for a holistic approach to handle all of the players as they begin franchising their hotel.

Together Art and Julia own a highly successful hotel chain, which they grew from a concept begun by Art’s parents, into a thriving business with 18 locations across Florida. Art and Julia knew each other growing up, because Art’s parents had a small hotel with a restaurant where they gathered with friends in high school. After graduating from college and moving home, Julia ran into Art at a party, and they’ve been together since.

Art and Julia have been very involved in the business since they took over in their early 20’s. With Art’s practical experience and Julia’s creativity, they have made a big name for themselves. Running these hotels is all they know, and they take the credit for the success of the company. They micromanage all the details. Managers and maids come and go. To Julia, they are easily replaced, because the chain is a great place to work. They prefer to keep control, so they have viewed franchising as a hassle. Yet in a recent stroke of bold courage, they’ve decided to strike while the iron is hot and are on the edge of converting to a franchise model.

One employee has been sowing the seeds of entitlement and discord with his co-workers. This employee was once suspended for working under the influence of alcohol and has a previous history of employment litigation. The local hotel workers union that he called is promising him better job security with better pay. In the meantime, another employee told Art and Julia that the troublemaker is making his opinions known, spreading his ideas to the staff, and has even called some other locations. Art and Julia never saw this coming.

Art and Julia are afraid to fire the employee due to politics with the other employees. In the big picture, they are puzzled about how to handle their public persona; and how to merge experience and savor faire in order to work with all of the players. They know that if this employee gets his way and convinces the staff to file a petition to unionize, they have no idea to whom they would turn.

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