The Bureau of Labor and Statistics released its 2016 Union Members Report at the end of January. Here is a snapshot of some key data from this report in a quick, informational info-graphic. If you are unable to see the … Continued

Heads Up – A Screeching Halt…Persuader Rule

Yesterday, a federal District Court in Texas granted the plaintiffs against the Department of Labor a temporary injunction. This action freezes in place the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act rules as they were before the DOL’s announcement of its new … Continued

Blitzkrieg NLRB Elections

If you think you have a union problem … you do, and it’s worse than you think! With nearly three quarters of a year of NLRB “Quickie Election” experience, some retrospective observations and prospective guidance may be helpful. The NLRB, … Continued

Quickie Elections … You Can Win!

We are now over 90 days into the era of the Quickie Election. The number of petitions filed during the first three months indicates unions have been energized by the change in the NLRB’s representation case procedure.   In the … Continued

New Survey Finds Americans Mixed on Support for Unions

May 6, 2015 A new Pew Research Center survey describes widely varying opinions about unions and the right to organize. Some key findings: 52% of participants felt the decline in union membership was bad for the country. Nearly half (48%) … Continued

NLRB Quickie Elections — First Month Statistics

May 22, 2015 The results of the first month of the “NLRB’s Quickie Election Era” is displayed below. Clearly, the time from petition to election has shrunk considerably from before, but the much anticipated 13-day election is certainly not a … Continued