Ambush Elections: NLRB Wins The First Round. Texas Court Rules The Procedural Changes Are Lawful.

Yesterday, United States District Judge Robert L. Pitman rejected employer groups’ challenge to the National Labor Relations Board’s implementation of the so called Ambush (or Quickie) Election Rule. The rule imposes a greatly reduced timetable for elections where employees will decide whether or not they wish to be represented by a union. It is widely held that these expedited elections will disadvantage employers’ ability to communicate with employees about why they believe unions are bad. An appeal to the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court is expected.


There is one remaining challenge in the Federal District Court for the District of Columbia. If a similar decision is issued there, unions and their “buddies” at the NLRB will be even more emboldened. The first month of this rule’s operation has already produced a significant increase in the number of petitions filed. (See our May 27 Heads Up at


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