The Great Cemex Hysteria

HEADS UP The Great Cemex Hysteria  September 18, 2023 Earlier this month the NLRB in its shamelessly biased assistance to unions once again tried to act without statutory authority and establish a new protocol for union representation matters. Drawing from … Continued

Northwestern Football NLRB Ruling – Play Ball!

Well now. Just when you think you’ve heard it all the National Labor Relations Board comes out with a new mind-blowing decision. On Wednesday, March 26th, Peter Sung Ohr, NLRB Regional Director, Region 13, decided that scholarship football players at … Continued

Quickie Elections, Part II

The process below is the current National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) representation election flowchart. It is easy to see from this Rube Goldfarb design that the NLRB and its election procedure needs help, but a quickie election is not the … Continued

Quickie Elections are Back

As predicted, the National Labor Relations Board has announced plans to proceed with its “quickie election” rules that could reduce the time between a representation petition and NLRB election from 42 days or more in some cases, to as few … Continued

Obama’s Last Ditch Effort to Save Unions from Extinction

Once again the labor unions posted pitiful membership numbers for 2013…6.7% of the private sector workforce was unionized last year. While up from 6.6% in 2012,  (the lowest number of all time), recent numbers foretell a decline headed toward extinction … Continued