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2017 Union Members Report Data

The formation of unions is problematic to the overall structure of a business. While employees have a right to form a union, an organizing drive can be a devastating experience for your organization or business. It is important for management to be up-to-date on union organizing trends so that they can educate their employees about the potential effects and dangers of labor union representation.

Below are some key insights from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ annual Union Members-2017 Report ( for 2017:

· The number of wage and salary workers that joined a union increased by 262,000, from 2016. This brought the total number of wage and salary workers that belong to a union to 14.8 million in 2017.

· The private sector union membership rate rose to 6.5% (an increase of 0.1% over 2016).

· Private sector industries with high unionization rates included: utilities (23.0%), transportation and warehousing (17.3%), telecommunications (16.1%), and construction (14.0%).

· Union membership rates increased over 2017 in 25 states and the District, decreased in 21 states, and were unchanged in 4 states.

As labor relations consultants, ANHS acknowledges these statistics and can assist businesses and organizations with union avoidance. Our team at Adams, Nash, Haskell, and Sheridan will work with your organization or business to help you educate your employees about the dangers of unionization and address issues in your workplace. ANHS has over thirty years of union avoidance experience as consultants, and we know what it takes to prevent a disaster for your business.

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