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Heads Up – New NLRB General Counsel Comes In Smoking

December 5, 2017


As anticipated, President Trump’s new General Counsel for the National Labor Relations Board has hit the ground running. Peter Robb, nominated and confirmed last month, issued a memo on December 1st in essence reversing all of the NLRB’s significant decisions issued during the last eight years. (Click here to view memorandum.)


Most of these decisions by the “Obama Board” were very unfriendly to business and heavily biased toward unions. While some relief was expected, none was expected quite as fast as this. As you will see in the memorandum, the NLRB regional offices are advised to seek guidance from the General Counsel before proceeding on any cases based on these precedents.


We anticipate a review of the NLRB’s “quickie election rule” will be on the GC’s agenda in the near future.


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William R. Adams, Ph.D.

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